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Headlight wiring question

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I had regular bulbs & spot lights triggered by the high beam that have been working fine for several years.

Just replaced bulbs with LEDs, now my spotlights are triggered by both high or low beam. Testing terminals on both bulb plugs shows 12 volts on one pin with high beam but shows 12 volts on two of three on low beam. I tried disabling DRL by pulling fuse & made no difference.

Will test again tomorrow with both bulbs unplugged but I'm wondering if a wiring diagram is available or anyone knows if these are a switched neutral or anything else weird. Led bulbs work fine by the way. Tried with one removed from housing & on low beam it is only running the low beam not both high & low so I'm stumped so far.

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Before you get too involved with debugging, have you gone back to the original configuration to verify it behaves as expected?
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