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Would like to meet you guys/gals

I would like to meet all of you, but not sure if I am free/available.

When me know when you guys have a date fixed, will try to match the schedule.

I am in Toronto, North York.

Keep me inform, thx a million.

I have problem with my DRL, need all of you to help.

The DRL warning light turns on with buzzing sounds when turn key to 1st turn, until I turn on the low beam, then it goes off and no buzzing sound.

Intermidiate, not always, already switch out the SliverStar back to OEM bulbs, still buzzing. Any ideal.

Pilot is out of warranty, do not want to spend money on dealer to fix, if a simple fix by myself.

Will post a new threst in the problem section.

1 - 2 of 208 Posts
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