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Ground loop noise with GTA car adapter

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Hi everybody. I'm new to the forum and have an issue I'd like to ask about. 2011 Honda Pilot with XM radio. I purchased and installed the GTA car kit bluetooth adapter, and now I'm getting random whines when changing from radio to XM...sometimes I can hear it when using bluetooth with my iPhone.
GTA kit person suggested I ask here about ways to fix the ground loop problem before I return the adapter to them. They said it was a known issue with Pilot radios...which made me wonder why not tell me that upfront when I ordered?
Anyways, I appreciate any help you guys can give me with fixing my problem.
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No ground loop noise on my 2006 with the GTA Car Kit Pure Bluetooth version, but no XM radio either, of course. XM, and reviewing your connections thoroughly one by one, is where I'd start. Otherwise, the guy (I think his name is Maurizio) will probably do right by you.
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