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Great deal in Boston Metro West area!

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wraped up $1800 off MSRP on EX. Send me PM if you're interested in the location. No guarantee of the repeat but if one went for this maybe they can do more again...
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Bernardi review

I bought an 2006 EX-L with Nav from Bernardi this fall and was treated fairly. The finance manager was great since he offered the after market products and after I said no, didn't push. The paperwork and delivery were smooth. I only have 800 miles on the car so I haven't tried the service dept yet. I'll keep you posted.
Bernardi undergoing all kinds of changes right now. They now have VW mechanics working on Hondas having closed their VW franchise.
They've also moving into the old Saturn dealer next door.
Sometimes seems that Bernardi owns everything from Speen st to rt 27. Unsure why they closed their used car section though.
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