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Working on a project (poor man's OnStar) after a friend's car was stolen, never to be seen again.

Would like to take a cheapo Android phone with a cheapo phone plan, with Life360 app, and wire the "charging cable" into the wiring so that it is getting charged while out driving around and has a full battery when in the driveway at night. The way I see this, it will require the USB charging cable to be spliced into maybe the turn signal wiring. I do not want an electrical draw while the vehicle is off, as this may drain the car battery.

The phone would be out of sight, affixed somewhere in the rear interior behind the cargo shelves/cup holders.

Alternatively, you could throw the above cheapo phone into the glove box or center console but you will need to charge it every day or two to keep it alive. Possibly plug it into whatever USB port exists down there.

But if theives/burglars pilfer thru the car, they will discover that pretty quick. The hidden solution would be better, in my opinion.

Assume a $60 cell phone, and $10 a month basic plan, for sub $200 you can have a pretty good system, much better than those $69.00 a month rip-off GPS tracker plans which appear to be basically the same thing I am trying to do above.

Thank you for any ideas.
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