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I had posted earlier that I had a good sales experience at Kay Honda in Eatontown, NJ. I picked up my SS Pilot EX last night, and it was a very smooth transaction from start to finish. They were the only dealer I found in central NJ willing to sell at MSRP with no forced options. They took my name and preferred color, I told them I was ready to buy as soon as one came in, and I got a call three days later about an inbound Pilot. I put down a $100 deposit and that's basically it - I picked it up about a week later. They didn't want to try to beat the 5.49% rate I had from, so my meeting with the finance person was literally about 1 minute long. They told me ahead of time that I needed to get a cashier's or certified check from PeopleFirst (instead of the usual bank draft) so I had that taken care of.

The salesperson I dealt with was Earl Averell and I can highly recommend him. He returned phone calls, eas pleasant, etc.

Love the Pilot, BTW!
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