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Good dealer story

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I live in Colorado. So I called all the dealers in Colorado and Wyoming, most of the dealers had one or two Pilots on their lot or had some coming in soon. The ONLY dealer who told me they were selling for MSRP was McCarty Honda in Laramie Wyoming. So I drove a Pilot at Planet Honda in Denver and tried to buy a silver EX-L but they wanted 2K over MSRP and weren't interested in my offer of MSRP. So I called the Laramie dealer back and asked if they still had a silver EX, which they did, so I put down a $500 deposit and told them I'd be in on Saturday. So today I drove up there to pick it up. I was greeted by one of their other salesmen than the one I was dealing with. The people were nice and the deal went smoothly. The owner of the place even introduced himself and sat down and chatted for awhile. I paid MSRP for the car plus a small (less than 200) dealer handling bs fee. So overall a smooth transaction, they don't have anymore Pilots on the lot but I'm sure they'll get some, so give them a call if your interested.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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