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2019 Pilot Touring AWD, Former: 2007 Pilot EX-L, 2009 Touring
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My wife and I purchased our new 2019 Pilot Touring AWD, (our third Pilot, and first new one), in August, and have been mostly pleased. However, there are a few things that aggravate me. Some of which, I suppose, are because I didn't pay enough attention, and just had some expectations, such as towing package and raisable rear window hatch.
However, one of the first things I found out was that I can't manually raise the tailgate. I found that out as I put a nice scratch in the tailgate, from my garage door.
Not to worry, right? Because I'd purchased the scratch/dent plan at my dealer.
Talk about unmet expectations on that! I could have purchased the little paint pen and dabbed it on myself for much less.
I later found out that the hooks for putting a clothes pole across the back, over the 3rd row, are no longer there. There is only one place to hang that, and it's across the 2nd row! Absolutely horrid engineering on that one, IMHO.
Today, I finally checked in again with this fine group, and I see a post about setting the tailgate hatch opening height! Oh, Boy! So I watch the short video with the CRV. I note that it's for a CRV, but this is a Pilot owners group, so don't worry about it. I can do that, I think to myself, and run outside to do just that.
Oops! Didn't work, at all.
No problem. I come back and search for that; getting another Honda video re. setting the height on the 2018 Odyssey. Same deal.
I get the users instruction book, and search for the help on that... non-existent.
So, I call Honda, by the number at the front of that booklet.
Guess what? That is NOT offered for the Pilot.
I thanked the lady for her help, and advised her that I must then hang up, before I say something untoward, due to my upset. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why they would have that available for the CR-V and the Odyssey, and NOT on the Pilot!
I truly and very upset with this, as it seems to me, that if those two models have that capability, then surely the Pilot would also.
I appreciate the opportunity to share my upset, and ask of anybody knows of a program code workaround or fix that Honda has.

2020 Honda Passport Touring AWD Metallic Steel
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If everything had all the same things we would all be driving Pilots, or Odyssey's. That's how companies sell vehicles. While I liked the hatch window in my 2013 Pilot Touring, and found it convenient at times, the 2020 Passport Touring I bought is so much quieter. Not all of it has to do with the hatch obviously, however the less potential openings the less potential wind noise. Plus the touch less opening for the rear hatch is convenient.

Towing package for me is a non issue as I wouldn't tow much more than a lawn mower trailer with a 3.6L V6 engine, so I don't miss it. The 2013 Pilot had it factory equipped and I never even pulled the receiver cover off. That's what we own a 3/4 ton PU with a 6L engine, to tow with.

Don't understand the comment on the tail gate. On the 2020 Passport I can manually open it by hitting the handle button and pulling it up, but just hitting the button in the handle activates the power gate as well.

Third row hangers make some sense in terms of being in the second row area. That's where they traditionally were for years and years. I always thought that trying to hang clothes in the third row area would be a real pain as you would have to go over the second row seats to get to the hanger. Not even sure where they are in the Passport as we never use the hangers for a clothing bar. I value my visibility too much to block the view.

Tailgate hatch height I can see would be nice for some people. For us the garage has 10' ceilings so no issue. Not everyone has that kind of head room in their garage. I have heard of people putting in Pool noodles on the ceiling to keep the hatch from hitting the ceiling.
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