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I wanted to let everyone know what I have learned
Hopefully my information may help someone else

I have an 08 Honda Pilot, We Had to have a another transmission put in as the original went bad. Thevtransmission shop told me That where the transmission cooler was located inside the radiator that I had a house leak antifreeze into the transmission that’s what destroyed my transmission with that being said We had a regular transmission cooler (bypassed the original one) installed with the transmission They installed do us .By the way I bought a used transmission with little over 50 K miles and it comes with a three-year unlimited mile warranty We bought the transformation from A &M used auto parts Their phone number is as follows 866548 2444 u can also look them up on the Web at I think they are in Florida very reasonably priced. (To is it it was better than a rebuilt transmission) They shipped the transmission (free) to my transmission shop Discount Transmission in Louisville KY whom ran the diagnostics and it came up that the transmission had to drive clutches out And they also told me that the crank position sensor was also showing bad On that on the diagnostics .
My Pilot has a 3.5 VTEC The crank position sensor is located directly behind the timing belt (I am passing along this knowledge) if you’re going to change the timing belt and the tensioner‘s and all of that and you have to change the water pump because it is sold in most kits So if you’re going to have to change it crank position sensor
I would think that you would want to change the water pump all your belts in your tensioners and pulleys This might save someone a headache down the road I hope this is helpful and if anybody has any questions feel free to ask
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