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Wanted to post my experiences and let other members know of this problem affecting a lot of Pilots.
I have 2016 Pilot EX with about 100K miles.
Check Engine light and AWD light began lighting up intermittently, acceleration felt sluggish. I did some research and seemed like perhaps a problem with fuel injectors.

Took to my trusted non-dealer mechanic. He did his research on his mechanic only forums and looked up codes. Turned out the AWD code is very nonspecific and could mean a variety of things, but in the Pilot's case, turned out it was a high fuel temperature problem. Looked like things were being tied to the fuel systems. But there weren't any service bulletins or recalls. (of course not)

He called his dealership and the parts guy said he didn't know about Pilots having fuel injector issues or having had to replace a lot of them in the last few months.................BUT................ he instantly knew the parts order for the fuel injector replacement (turns out you have to buy all 6 of them, not just one) and that you also HAVE TO buy some tube assembly with it. You can't use the old one or part them out separately. He got a wry smile on his face as he ordered the parts and laughed after he hung up. I asked him why he was laughing and he said to me............"Well, he says they haven't replaced fuel injectors or heard of any problems recently with the fuel injectors. But look at my yard behind you, in the lot of 20 some cars, some classic cars from 60's and 70's, along with some German sports cars and 3 other Pilots, 2 Ridgelines, I haven't had to replace one fuel injector assembly yet. (He services all the cars in my family and he notes that he hasn't had to replace fuel injectors in the 7 or so Hondas from various years). Now the parts guy denies any knowledge yet knows the parts inventory number off the top of his head along with the fact you have to buy some tubing assembly???? For a service that I rarely do????? They and HONDA know that there's a large problem going on. So he ordered the parts and replaced it............and wait for it................turns out that last week there were 10 fuel injector kits in that parts dept, now they're all sold and out of the dealership. 10 more have been ordered .............. and all spoken more. 20 more have been ordered after that with 10 of those being spoken for. This is just one dealership!!!!! My mechanic thinks a recall notice should be coming down the road. So to all of us who have had to pay out of pocket, keep your receipts and be prepared to fight Honda for your $$$$ back.

My 2009 Ridgeline with 150K miles hasn't had this problem.

Thanks to the previous forum threads for the critical info to help diagnose this problem. I hope my story and info can add onto that.

He thinks presumably, that this may affect the Ridgelines and Odysseys because the engines are the same.

Good Luck.
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