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VCMTUNER II - 2005-2006 Honda 3.5L I-VTEC Disable VCM / ECO mode
105$ Thru Paypal (Safe & Secure) If you do not have a Paypal account I can send you an invoice. Shipped USPS Free Like New.
Used for around 5 weeks, Recently sold My pilot and Upgraded to Crv

also for 2007-2008 Pilots w/ Front Wheel Drive

Dynamic operation - no adjustment required. Disable VCM 100%

- Overtemp protection (dash shows normal temp above 212F)

- Auto Diagnostic mode for TPS re-learns with no user intervention (any time the battery is disconnected or a dealership firmware update is performed, a throttle position re-learn is required by the ECU)
Email Ncardone92 @ gmail .com

- Fused protection on +12v connection to battery or switched ignition

- Option to utilize dash switch for VCM on/off operation

- Optional Engine Coolant Alarm Feature (audible alarm on overtemp)

- Allows use of non-ACM engine mounts in 2005-2010 Odyssey/Pilot/Accord

- No wires required to go through firewall, all under the hood.

- Design puts no stress on factory wiring harness


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