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2017 Honda Ridgeline
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I have a used Traxda 202031 lift kit (1.5" front, 0.5" rear) , Nitto G1 Terra Grapplers in 255/60 R18 and XD Series XD820 Grenade Black Milled Wheels in 18x8 5x120 38mm. These have all been used for just over 9000 miles on my 2017 Ridgeline. They will fit 2016 and up Pilots. I repainted the lift kit with satin black Rustoleum as there was some spots of surface rust on them. This is the adjustable camber setup and worked well when it was aligned.

The tires were rotated on the truck at the halfway point, and the tread depth is still a respectable 8mm (5/16") in the center. The wheels come with brand new hubcentric rings and they are still assembled with the factory TPMS sensors, so they just bolt on using your stock lug nuts. There are no curb rashes or chips, however there are a few small spots where the clearcoat on the silver milled edges is slightly hazy due to some etching underneath. You can see that in one of the closeup wheel pics. I have fond that this happens on most every factory wheels as well, but it does not typically travel under the painted portions.

I made custom mud flaps out of plastic that screw right over the factory Honda ones using the factory hardware. It added to the look as you can (almost) see in the "Resized_20201002..." pic above. I may consider selling the lift kit separately only after allowing some time for my classifieds to be seen. I feel that most people are looking for a package deal and so I do not want to split this up quite yet. I paid $1900 for the wheels/tires/TPMS and $275 for the lift kit new in 2019. I think asking $950 for wheels and $150 for lift and I will throw in the mud flaps, plus shipping. I am waiting on a rough quote for shipping from ShipNEX, but it is always cheaper to a commercial address, and also cheaper if someone has a shipping account. Please ask any questions and I will try and answer soon. Bob

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