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FS: Bishko 2012 Honda Pilot CD manual - Body, Chasis and Electrical SOLD!!!!!

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Like new, I bought this off eBay for $40 but never used it as I got rid of my 14’ Pilot. This application it is to other years but I couldn’t tell you the range of years.

$25 shipped
PayPal or Venmo

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My mail lady just handed it to me. In one piece (a record for her) ... looks brand new and even works in my puter. I have the paper versions but I really like the electronic form. Lightning quick searching, I can enlarge the print and diagrams to where I can actually see them and I don't feel like I've pumped iron pulling down and putting back those heavy paper manuals on the shelf. And the bonus is I loaded it in my iPad and can use it at the car and don't have to worry about cleaning my hands to look up something like I do with the paper version. I'm getting a protective shield for the iPad screen for that reason. Thanks! I'm always a little hesitant buying stuff online from strangers. This was a good buy! ... not goodbye.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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