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Front Right CV Axle - With Driveshaft support base vs with Intermediate Shaft

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I'm trying to replace my front Right CV axle on 2016 Honda Pilot (AWD/6Speed). I bought a right front CV Axle (CV boot on each end). I'm struggling to separate the old CV axle from the inner axle at the support base. I did notice you can buy one with the Intermediate shaft included as one assembled unit. Does anyone know if there are some versions that don't come apart at the support base? ie: should I be able to separate the old CV axle at the support base and install my new one, or is it possible my vehicle requires me to remove the support base, pull the CV axle and inner axle out and replace as one unit? (see attachment - 2 is "with driveshaft support base" and 3 is "with intermediate shaft")


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Go to the first post on this link in order to download the 2016 service manual if you don't have it already. Then look in the section for removal and replacement and find the driveshaft procedure. Note that some people have had trouble getting the downloads lately.

Honda Pilot 2016 Service Manual
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