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I haven't had a chance to really look under the front for a front tow hook or recovery point yet. The rear I'm not too worried about as I have the hitch and a recovery shackle I also have some tow straps but plan to grab a Masterpull Kinetic to add to the kit. The Pilot has 3" less clearance than the wife's old Sequoia and a bit concerned for the beach trips. I know we rubbed the skid plates a couple times in ruts on the Sequoia and Pilot doesn't have any.

When I was doing oil change all I saw was on drivers side front, one small welded loop which I think was more tie down but also way under on unibody. Owners manual says if you get stuck, might need to get towed and that front and rear tow hooks are provided for this purpose......Where?

The Sequoia had a nice beefy hook that was bolted into the frame, I had picked up second one for drivers side. Bolt holes were there for it just like if you were bolting a front hitch or in the rear for hitch. I don't need it to stick out like on father-in-laws Renegade Trailhawk or other trucks but accessible if stuck would be nice. I see many cars with a small square access port and they have a thread in cast loop, even older Pilots had that.

I found one thread with some beach info and watched of course a bunch of Pilot on the beach video's but most are older models. I'm pretty confident in the AWD working fine. Maybe better than the Sequoia as it didn't have a locking or LSD rear just brakes to try and shift torque.
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