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Foxwell NT630PLUS,....

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Probably a daft question but here goes: I "Seem" to have created an account with Foxwell. (I receive confirmation that my account has been created.)

But I cannot sign in to my account. I have attempted to "Chat" but there has been no reply to the chat so I am assuming that it's not working hours wherever the "Chat" department is located.

So, does the Foxwell come with functional with capabilities without updating the unit by downloading from a computer?

It is functional out of the box?

Thank you,
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I do believe that the packaging did not contain the Car Reader that you're supposed to place the TF card from the Foxwell unit into and in turn gets plugged into your computer.

I purchased this via Amazon and it came with a micro USB but in spite of my best efforts the TF Card does not fit in what Foxwell sent me

Tomorrow I will get a a plug that will allow me to place what they call the TF card* into my computer. (* Looks like an SD Card to me.)

I'm sure I'll get it straightened out.

Thank you,
TF card is Mandarin for SD card. That's really what they call it.
I'm on the cusp or having it all sorted out.

When downloading to Foxwell's SD card you have the choice of (No Limit) of vehicle make and models that you can download?

And lifetime free updates?

Thank you,
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