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Just wanted to let everyone know that both the Discount Honda and Acura parts and accessories- OEM Acura Parts and the Honda and Acura Discount OEM Factory parts and accessories - websites ship internationally via USPS, representing a great savings on duties, fees, brokerage, and shipping :)

As well, for our GTA friends that would like to pick up in the US, drop me a PM or email, and you're welcome to pick up at my home in Cheektowaga, near the Galleria Mall. In fact, if you've got other things you need shipped to the States, feel free to use me as a drop point for the next time you're around, just PM me for my address, and let me know what to watch for.

Have a great day! :)

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Thats very generous of you Tim!! Thanks alot!

I may take you up on this offer in the future.

In fact, i will be needing a set of 16 inch steelies with TPMS for winter tires for my 2010 Pilot, can you PM me with a price?

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