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First test-drive today - DEAL BREAKER ISSUE - 2nd row with car seat issue - shocking

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Hi EVeryone,

ORdered a pilot touring even before prices released in the fall - expecting delivery in a few weeks.
the demo models arrived in Ontario this week - first drive was today. (ELITE US model equivalent - touring in canada)

Very sad to learn today - that the 2nd row seats can't slide all the way forward without being folded!
so if two child safety seats are installed you can't access the third row without taking out 2nd row middle seat - massive inconvenience.

Does anyone if its possible? i tried but couldn't find any latches to make it happen. If you press anyone of the easy slide button then it easily folds and slides ALL the way forward. the under latch only lets you slide it forward maybe 4 inches - not all the way to touch the back of the front seats.

the Subaru ascent has huge door opening so when you slide seat forward - easy to access third row without folding leaving car seat in place.
Similar story in the kia telluride SX with the bench seat.
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I assume the middle seat is not wide enough to fit a child seat and still be able to slide adjacent seat? Someone should make crossover with as much hip room as minivans.
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