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First drive impressions

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Drove close to 100 miles on the first drive...
1) lkas is great
2) lane watch is helpful
3) Garmin voice commands not that bad
4) GPS navigation ok. Satellite couldn't acquire sometimes
5)'s a family car
6) love the interior led accents
7) mpg much better than older cars
8) ACC works!

What was your experiences...
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ACC scares me. If you do a semi sharp turn and the radar looses sight of the car ahead of you it will accelerate. Once you go straight it will brake hard because all of a sudden the car in front is closer than set following distance. The radar has a narrow focus.

Another one is where highway traffic is stopped .5 mile ahead but the ACC still thinks it's clear ahead. It will accelerate and brake fast once it realizes it stopped traffics. I wish the radar has a longer distance sensing and smart enough software to know to get ready to slow down.
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