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First AZ Pilot Run 9/22 Pictures

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Threadhead and I met at the Mobil Station in Anthem. Of course we had to check out each others pilots, after introductions of our families and pets. I liked his cargo area setup, a separation net and liner, with a large Yellow Labrador Retriever named CC. He also showed me the infamous Whistling Honda Air Deflector. His Pilot also came with the RES. Neat!:)
I showed him the Highland Cargo tray and my home made separation net and 3-pocket cargo net. (I'll get a pict of these later this week )

We decided that I would take the lead to Sedona.
We drove on the I-17 freeway to Sedona. This freeway has many hills. Two of those hills are pretty steep. (One just north of Black Canyon City and the other at Verde Valley) The Pilot performed wonderfully. No bogging down, even with the front and rear A/C on high. I did not notice any problem with the transmission, very smooth up and down shifting. Just for curiosity I set the cruise control at 75 mph. to see if it would work on these hills. No problem what so ever. The few times I had to cancel the cruise control was when traffic was going too slow. I tested the Resume, Accelerate and Decelerate functions, preformed flawlessly. Just a tap to raise or lower speed by 1 mph. Too Cool!

This is the first view we had of Sedona.


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nicely done

The pictures were awesome.. pilot look great!

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