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Thanks for this perspective.
I love diy'ing. For this vehicle I've adjusted valves, done all 4 rotors and pads, both front control lower control arms as well as all the steering linkage, 1 caliper so far and plan to do the timing belt/water pump this summer. Have rear springs and plan to get shocks and do all that.

The valve job was a lot but I felt very confident about it. This Im quite insecure about
Year? IIRC these bearings are like the front press in bearing and look like this see picture, then you can do it a slide hammer to remove the hub and you can get a bearing remover installer kit from HB like this

Front Wheel Drive Bearing Remover and Installer Kit, 21 Pc. ( $120


9 Way 5 lb. Slide Hammer and Puller Set ( $100

Rear Axle Bearing Puller Set ( $30

12 Ton Shop Press ( $170


20 Ton H-Frame Floor Shop Press ( $270

-torque wrench-

1/2 in. Drive Click Type Torque Wrench ( $25

But you still need sockets, breaker bar, etc. In looking at the prices your really going to spend more on the tools then to buy the bearing have a shop replace it. You can buy parts from Rock Auto, Amazon etc at way better prices than the big auto stores. Just a thought if you want try a high school or community college. Some years ago they would fix cars without labor you just get the parts.

If you have the bearing that bolt on than it four bolts, similar to front hub bearings tap with a hammer, and use a three jaw puller if need to pull the bearing off the axle stub as needed.

Last point, if you're not planning to do routine car repair then it may not be worth the money and time to collect the needed tools. But if you do then hey have at it and enjoy the start of a wonderful journey into mechanics.


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I have a socket set and a 1/2 inch breaker bar 3/8 in ratchet Compressor and a big air impact gun.

Guess I could borrow the slide hammer and bearing Press kit to use with my impact gun from autozone.
Disengaging the axle is intimidating. Not stripping rusted out bolts for things like brake lines and and sensor cables is intimidating. Watching youtubes, pulling the hub sounds intimidating.

Thanks for your input, helpful for my indecision
The bearing tool kit at AutoZone

OEMTOOLS Forward Bearing Remover and Installer Kit 23 Piece ( $311

Loaner Slide Hammer - Slide Hammer Rental Tool ( $63

Then don't forget the axle nut that's IIRC 29mm on the back and 36mm on the front.

1/2 in. Drive Front Wheel Drive Axle Lock-Nut Socket Set, 7 Pc. ( $70

Wow prices have gone up. I bought the Axle Set for $35 for HF, 20 ton press for $107, bearing kit for $49, slide hammer was $29. This was all a few years ago of course. Damn, this makes me wish we were neighbors, already have all the needed tools and knowledge, just not the Pilot in front of me. In the time of posing the messages it would have been done already for the price of a Heineken Cube. Have done many neighborly jobs for Heineken (good price at Costco and Sam's Club and better tasting) and lunch.

Of course use penetrating oil on rusted bolts (let soak a few is best) and clean the treads even if using an impact.
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