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Finally! (got it)

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After almost 2 months since I agreed the price, finally picked up my Elite Blk/Blk today.

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Really enjoying it thus far. Still need to spend some time in the menus and settings but I was able to easily link the phone while sitting outside the dealer and use Android Auto for the way home. Sound system sounds great. Drives and shifts smoothly. Very quiet vs our older Odyssey!

FAVORITE part? all the radar cruise/LKAS etc. I turned it all on for the highway ride home and was amazed at how you have all these little car icons alongside your Pilot icon on the dash, and the cars are the real actual vehicles being spotted by the system so you see what is in the lanes beside you as well as ahead of you, and the one you are tracking speed on is highlighted in green. It's like a fighter jet!

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As earlier predicted, I don't like the HUD so just turned it off. Just too distracting and unnecessary for my taste.

Look at that engine bay! Lots of room to work in there for DIYers. A little hard to see in the picture, but on the left side you are looking down at the wheel well so lots of open space around the timing belt covers etc.

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Unfortunately we just had snow here last night so I'm sure the new Pilot just got a nice road chemicals bath....oh well.....

Looking forward to driving it more!
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Auto start- O F F !
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I didn’t realize that the rear cover can be installed at a lower level :unsure:
Another plus for this 23 Pilot - the headlights are WHITE and BRIGHT!
The Pilot we first test drove blinded me on approach when the salesman unlocked it. They are bright!
This FRICTION with the MDX folk. Is this real? If you read one of my early posts, I explain that I was trying to brand stack and I thought the MDX was similar in platform to a Pilot, like American cars once were. Well, the folks at the Acura dealer weren’t thrilled when they learned the reason for my visit there- to learn about a more premium Pilot.
The GM at the Acura dealer did a great job of identifying his brand, and informed me that Acura is indeed an “American satisfaction” brand and that in Japan, there is no Acura, just Honda. The insult came when he tried pulling us over to his CPO MDX’s “maybe this is more in line with your means” type of statement. Bottom line is that, even if the MDX were cheaper in price, we wouldn’t have gone for it. We both didn’t like the fancy/ futuristic dash and electronics.
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Rusty license plate screws are a PEEVE of mine! I’ve been doing similar.
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