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Finally! (got it)

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After almost 2 months since I agreed the price, finally picked up my Elite Blk/Blk today.

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Really enjoying it thus far. Still need to spend some time in the menus and settings but I was able to easily link the phone while sitting outside the dealer and use Android Auto for the way home. Sound system sounds great. Drives and shifts smoothly. Very quiet vs our older Odyssey!

FAVORITE part? all the radar cruise/LKAS etc. I turned it all on for the highway ride home and was amazed at how you have all these little car icons alongside your Pilot icon on the dash, and the cars are the real actual vehicles being spotted by the system so you see what is in the lanes beside you as well as ahead of you, and the one you are tracking speed on is highlighted in green. It's like a fighter jet!

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As earlier predicted, I don't like the HUD so just turned it off. Just too distracting and unnecessary for my taste.

Look at that engine bay! Lots of room to work in there for DIYers. A little hard to see in the picture, but on the left side you are looking down at the wheel well so lots of open space around the timing belt covers etc.

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Unfortunately we just had snow here last night so I'm sure the new Pilot just got a nice road chemicals bath....oh well.....

Looking forward to driving it more!
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My 2022 Pilot has that feature too (carpet or plastic, reversable cover), it's a nice touch that you'll enjoy.

Quick question on your radar cruise control. On the speedometer pic below, the green carrot represents the set speed (70 MPH). Do you know if the green bar represents the speed of the vehicle in front you? In the picture below, it looks you are matching the speed of the vehicle in front of you. However, as you came up on the slower car, and before your Pilot began to slow, did that green bar show up on your speedometer (i.e., the white needle would have been on 70 MPH, and the left end of the green bar that appeared would have ended at 55 MPH). My GLE has that feature, and it's a great feature in my opinion as it gives you an indication of closing speed -- it also shows up on the HUD -- does it do the same on your Pilot HUD. It appears like your Elite Pilot may have those same features, have you noticed how it works?
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The green bar indicates the cruise set speed VS the adaptive radars actual speed. In this pic, the cruise is set to 70 but the adaptive is picking up the car doing 55 and following that.
Yes, the question is does the green show up before the Pilot starts to slow, thus giving you an indication indication of your closing speed and how much you’re going to slow if you stay in the lane? On the interstate, you can use that info to gauge how quick you need to get in the left lane to pass…assuming that is how it works.
It's sort of become a personal joke to me and maybe some others who have been on both sites. When I was cross shopping the MDX and Pilot and posting over on MDXers, there were a number of guys over there who are in apparent denial about the family lineage and similarity in platforms and performance between the Acura and the Honda. It was interesting to me to watch their reasoning for how the Acura is so much more different and "premium." I never claimed they were the same cars at all, or that the Pilot is better, but facts are facts and while I like the MDX a lot too, the 2023 Pilot, especially in the upper trims, gets to a very similar offering (all the features) plus it offers a more useable 3rd row, a less cluttered dash and console because it drops the "trackpad" thingy for a normal touchscreen, etc. Setting aside the Type S, the normal MDX has the same engine as Pilot and so is going to have basically same performance. So it was just interesting to hear the reasoning on why the regular MDX is such an undisputably "better" choice, and a lot of it resides in peoples' view of Acura as a brand, and maybe a little more upscale interior etc.
Well, you are on an Acura enthusiast site…do you really expect them to agree the Pilot is the better choice…after they made their decision to buy the MDX?
Yeah— some people buy a car just to impress people versus versus does it actually represent the best value for my needs. No point arguing with those folks.
How is the backseat ride? It's been a recent discovery that my kids get car sick in my 2016 Elite, so bad that I'm considering getting a different vehicle. My kids don't get sick in my wife's 2014 Outback. We usually take the Pilot on road trips and they would constantly complain of tummy aches, and my daughter has thrown up a decent amount over the years. My son says it feels like he's riding a rollercoaster. When we've taken the Outback, they have no complaints. We've had friends ride in the back seat that have also said the ride is 'floaty' or something as well. My wife and I both rode in the backseat during the test drive, but neither of us get car sick so we weren't phased. I was curious how it is in the new Pilot.
I don’t think anyone can answer that—it is subjective. The only way to know for sure is to take one for a test drive with your kids in the back. If they get 🤢 or 🤮, it’s a fail.
Yes, but you absolutely must finish tightening with the slots square and parallel, even if it requires a laser level. 😂
No no no, the slots must be vertical, perpendicular to the groud so the water drains from the screw heads and they don’t rust. 🤓
They're phillips head - D'oh! I guess in that case they need to be at the "X" position to drain haha
Obviously X's for Phillips...but slotted screws must be is the law! :D
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