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Estimated repair time and exact issues with Misfire codes and OBD inspection fail?

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2008-09 Pilot. OBD inspection fail on an emissions test (catalytic convert, proper gas seal, gas can pressure inspection all passed). Final result is a fail bc OBD.

Trouble Codes were: P0303,P0305,P0306,P0300 -- multiple cylinder misfire detected

MIL: fail
KOER: fail

What does this mean and has someone had a like situation or advice? Somewhat time sensitive repair so curious about options to fix it or a mechanis estimated time?
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2016 CRV Touring AWD, 2005 Pilot RIP.
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Do you have a 2008 or 2008? Two different generations. I want to move this thread to the correct section.

FYI put the obd2 code into the search feature or google Pilot plus the code.
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