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I just bought a 2005 Pilot in great shape with 200k miles. I just joined this forum to post a solution to a problem I ran into.

The driver's window wouldn't wind up or down.
After watching a video or three, I removed the door panel and replaced the motor and regulator. I knew the motor was bad because it wouldn't work when I unplugged and hotwired it.
Simple, except for I couldn't remove the window from the track because I couldn't unwind it to make the 2 bolts line up with the holes.
I had to disassemble the motor until I could wiggle the cables loose and push down the window.

Anyway, the window would then work hotwired, but not from the switch.
The black box bolted to the door was clicking though.

It turned out that the green thicker wire going into the black box (one of like 12, the green one off to one end) was not getting power.
It should always be hot, fed from the passenger side footwell fuse box.

I guess when you burn out the motor and replace the fuse a couple if times, the wire connections fail somewhere.

I clipped the green wire and led a hot wire to it from the battery, using an inline 20-amp fuse.
All fixed.
The proper way to do this is follow the green wire from black box to the passenger side fuse box and fix any bad connections.
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