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driver's side all weather mat

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I really wish the drives side all weather mat covered the dead pedal. I can tell this partially uncovered area will be unsightly in a few months. Why couldn't they just cover it? I hope the husky brand comes out with a better version.:confused:
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I'm considering ordering these for my Pilot. Can you post pictures of what you are talking about? Im having a difficult time envisioning it. What is the dead pedal?

Would you reccomend I hold out for the Husky version?
I just received my all weather mats yesterday. The drivers side mat is the same shape as the carpet mats that come with the Pilot. The dead pedal is the area where you rest your left foot. I ordered the Honda mats because I wanted an exact fit and they do offer that. I agree that it would be nice to have more complete coverage on the drivers side, but other than that I like the mats.

Hope this helps.:)
FWIW, I posted the following on the "All Weather Mat" thread. This product does, indeed, cover the dead pedal area. Unfortunately, the front passenger side coverage is a little less spiffy.

pjl56 said:
My belated review of the IntroTech (aka, Design Mat) "custom" mats, which just arrived today. Not knowing the product, I just ordered mats for the front row.

I would give the driver's side mat a grade of "A." It is cut to match close to perfect, including a piece to cover the left-foot resting pad. The right side mat, however, was less of a success. It is cut a good 15-20% larger than the existing Pilot mat, and doesn't look "custom" at all. The only saving grace is that it all manages to fit into the foot-well area without spilling over to the sides. I would have to give a "C."

Your call on ordering. Clearly (ha, ha), it was worth it for the driver's side mat. Debatable for the passenger side.
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