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I have 2 Polk EX365 6 1/2 in. speakers and 2 Infinity Reference 6000si speakers for sale.

I initially wanted to upgrade the sound system and purchased all 4 speakers from Crutchfield - paid $69.99 for Polks and $99.99 for the Infinities. (plus S&H)

I recently changed the whole system and replaced all 4 speakers again w/ Boston Acoustics speakers $250.00 + $300.00, so I do not need the other speakers.
The speakers, I am selling, were on the car for ~ 2 months, both pairs are in good working condition, w/ perfect fit into the OEM basket (I used adapters to mount Infinities, they came w/ speakers).

If interested E-mail to: [email protected]

*** You can see full description of my new audio system in "audio & electronics:
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