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Does anyone else take two days to detail their Pilot

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Every spring I do a major cleaning on my cars. This is my first spring with the Pilot so here's my schedule. I live in Ottawa and we only have one car, we use it for skiing, canoe camping, everything.

Day One - 10:00 am start, 3:30 pm finish
1. Vacuum car and clean out garbage at car wash.
2. Re vacuum at home with various brushes and attachments.
3. Wipe down interior with hot water and mild soap.
4. Mothers Back to Black on interior trim.
5. Invisible Glass windows
6. Steam clean carpets

Day Two - 7:30 am start, 2:30 finish
1. Wash car at car wash.
2. Wash car at home.
3. Clay bar exterior.
4. Wash car.
5. Polish car -first year with Meguiar's Ultimate Compound - really impressed, took out 90% of swirls
6. Polish car again with Meguiar's Polish
7. Wax car with Meguiar's wax
8. Mother's Back to Black on trim
9. Invisible Glass
10. Clean rims
11. Clean/polish sidewalls

I'm not too particular on which wax/polish I use. I've run the gamut from Turtle Wax to Zano. I used a random orbital and elbow grease depending on how tired I was. Step 4 on each day was when I would start drinking beer.
One thing, you really notice the difference in your car each year. The Pilot was basically mint when I bought it used(no kids) 40000 miles after 4 years. Little dents and marks all over it now.


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