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I was used Megs Ultimate Compound now I'm using the a similar Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions product. Dual action with the light cut pads. So my process is relatively light on the paint and not really designed to remove much more than light swirl marks. But I am finding with the high quality sealants I've been using the finish just seems to hold up better for longer and the swirls aren't returning as fast.
I use a similar system with good results.

I don't have any experience with high-tech sealants, but I've got an older car with a non-clearcoat black enamel, so I've been forced to learn to keep swirls out rather than try to fix them every time.

With that paint, at least, the trick is hygiene in the wash stage: two buckets, lots of water, one with soap, one clear. I use an open foam sheet. Soap in the foam, wash a small section, when the foam is mostly drained it goes into the clear bucket to rinse. Basically lather / rinse / repeat.

I've found that if my soap bucket gets dark and cloudy, I'll get swirls.

The other unexpected innovation I swear by now is one of those synthetic chamois cloths to remove the bulk water. Works great, and prevents water spotting.

My Pilot, on the other hand, has the crow's feet of clear coat checking on the hood. I don't polish it much, so it's a pretty easy wash / wax cycle. Applying wax with a dual-action buffer is almost a pleasure - I don't think the wax step ever takes me more than 30 minutes.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts