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The ride of my 2011 Pilot EX (AWD) has been feeling off. I noticed the underside of my passenger-side pinion bellow has fluid on the underside, so I plan to replace my inner tie rods. I was looking at getting MOOG front end kit from Rock Auto, so I can replace my control arms too. I noticed that other options included a "Tie Rod Lock Washer" while the MOOG does not. Is that a part that I can reuse or is it a sacrificial part that needs replacing too? Is Beck/Arnley a reliable enough brand for me to use as an alternate?

Moog Inner Tie Rod End:
Beck/Arnley Inner Tie Rod End:
Tie Rod Lock Washer in question: 53536-SJC-A01 - Honda Parts Now

You can enlarge the picture on the last link to see the washer relative to other parts.
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