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Hello! Could you help me to find a wiring for 39810-sza-a510-m1. It is a display screen for my Honda Pilot 2012. There is a 32pin connector and I need a wiring scheme.
Thank You!!

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FYI this is 2009-2011 forum.

Anyway, looking at the connector from wire side, locking tab up, top row left-right is pins 1-16, bottom row is 17-32.
1 (purple) ACC - hot when ignition on.
2 (black) GND ground
3 (gray) GA-NET shield
4 (black) GA-NET bus +
5 (white) GA-NET bus -
GA-NET is car-wide communication network bus.
6 (black) DUET 1
7 (red) DUET 2
8 (white) DUET cont
DUET is communication to head unit. 'Cont' when grounded tells head unit that screen is there.
9 (yellow) Cam Adapt (grounded to tell display camera is connected)
10 (grey) camera shield
12 (red) Audio out L+
13(green) Audio out L-
14 (grey) audio shield
15 (black) Audio out R-
16 (white) Audio out R+
17 (white) +B 12V from battery.
20 (lt green) B-CAN L (communication)
21 (white) B-CAN H
25 (white) VCC camera power (+8V)
26 (red) Camera power GND
27 (blue) Camera V (video signal)
28 (green) Camera V GND (video signal ground)
29 (black) Park & Detect (if equipped)
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