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Just picked up my new Sandstone EX-L RES this week. Ordered it back in July. I saw the car soon after it came off the transporter (picked up the car with 8 miles on it), and it had the rear mudguards already on it . I can't be sure the dealer didn't install it, but I think they were already there. No other prep was done to the car when I first saw it, except dealer plate on the front. Maybe a running change in standard equip? VIN 37086.

The deal I got I think was pretty good. 33000 even, with the auto day nite compass mirror and backup sensors installed. Even if I bought those two things myself and installed them, I couldn't have done better. Dealer did throw on wheel locks for free.

Good dealer (so far, install of DIO's waiting for arrival of pieces)
Perfection Honda, Albuquerque, NM

Love the truck so far, about 250 miles on it, no issues to speak of.:2:
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