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Hello all, new member here, having recently just bought a 2016 Pilot, which we are loving!

My wife and I are the two drivers (I'm driver #2) and we've both connected our phones to the Bluetooth Hands Free Link system. I have two issues with this system that I think are related:

1) When were are both in the car together, the system, by default, connects to my phone for "Phone" functionality, but to my wife's phone for "Audio". The result of this is that when we ride together, the audio system will automatically connect and autoplay whatever audio (usually a gory true crime podcast) she was playing previously on her phone.

2) When I drive alone, bluetooth connects immediately to my phone for "Phone" functionality. But in order to connect my phone for "Audio" as well, I need to manually select it on the dash screen. Sometimes, it will eventually connect to "Audio" on my phone as well, but this usually takes several minutes.

Has anyone noticed these problems before. I assume there is some way for me to tell the system to which device to connect to by default, but I have not been able to find anything explaining this on this forum or elsewhere.

Any help here would be much appreciated!
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