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DC/VA/MD Tire/Wheel Deal

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Hey Washington/DC metro area Piloteers

I had a thought just now reading all the recent posts about tires/spares. Are any of you interested in getting a full size spare? Maybe we should try to buy them all at 1 time from a single place. I would think a store/or dealer would give use a pretty good discount if we bought a set of tires versus a single. Something worth looking into if people are interested...

Plus we could all meet up again and whoever ended up picking up the tires could hand them out.
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PaulV7: Yes, I'd be interested in getting a full-size spare for my Pilot... The only requirement that I have is this: I really do not want to take the lead on this effort :( (so if you wouldn't mind, could you BUMP this thread every so often), but I'd like to partake in it if we can get at least two other MD/DC/VA folks interested!!! :)

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Two left.........

Hey guys,

I still have two EX Wheels with Goodyear Integritys on them for sale. I live about 2.5 hrs south of DC right off interstate 81.

The tires have 1100 miles on them. The rims are perfect.

I am actually keeping one for myself.

One is going to wisconsin.

Shipping for you all in dc would be relatively inexpensive.

I am looking for 140 + Shipping.

The rim itself from HandA is 146 dollars.



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Are this still available?ill be needing 1 Set(rim/tire).I lived in NW Washington DC.

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