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I have been a faithfull buyer from David hobbs for 7 years now but recently they went through many changes. I was ready to move on if needed but I called my sales person up and told him the deal I wanted and he called back and stated NO PROBLEM. The manager of sales does not know me yet but the owner and his son both know my family and I and they actually approved my deal.
I guess the point behind this is that I have stayed at David Hobbs because they have always been more then willing to help me. They are not perfect but they sure as hell are the best in the milwaukee area (hands down). The other dealers in the area (wilde,schloshmans,russ darrow, and boyland) all have rubbed me wrong, from either bull crap information or just be assinine.
If you go to David Hobbs, talk to Manny (but keep on him or he will slack off), or go see Dan G, (he is a good guy). The other sales people are all pretty new and I don't really talk to them but they shoudl be ok.
As for the pilots they are not marking them up or making you buy acc's, but there is a waiting list.
That is my bit.
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