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You're driving and you notice that the temperature gauge reads "hot". What do you do?

When the temperature gauge registers "hot", your engine is overheating. If your air conditioner is on, turn it off. Turn on the heater to get more engine coolant flowing and continue driving only if the temperature goes down.

If it continues to register "hot", pull over, turn off the engine, and look for the following:

A leak in heater or radiator hose. For a small leak, let the engine cool. Put on eye protection, and with gloves or a cloth carefully remove the radiator cap. With the engine running, add coolant to the radiator. Replace the cap but leave it one notch looser. Drive slowly to the nearest service station.

No sign of a leak? Let the engine cool. When the radiator cap cools, put on eye protection and gloves and carefully remove the cap. Check the coolant level in the radiator reserve tank and add more if necessary. Replace the cap. Drive slowly to a Honda dealer if the temperature gauge continues to register "hot". Stop and cool again if necessary until you reach your destination.
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