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Continued 2010 GMC Acadia Maintenance Fun.

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A very elderly family member failed to get TSB(SB-10056459-3388) done on a 34k mile Acadia within the 10 year limit, that switches fluid to Dextron VI. Surprisingly the power steering still works but the fluid is really black. What fluid would you use to flush it out with for now, to buy some time. What is the OEM fluid? Signed by: GM Vehicle Dumb

Added: Confirmed the original OE fluid as GM part #89021184 . Now searching for alternatives.
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Gm is one of the lines we carry. Dex VI is what we would use.
Yes, but this vehicle was not converted. Read somewhere not to use new fluid unless.
Well I'm sure everyone is dying to know the final dillio on the GM power steering fluid dilemma. Be glad we own Hondas. After I cross referenced a replacement part # for the original #, I managed to find this fluid locally with a different #. I was able to come to the conclusion that it's the same stuff, by reading a Bob the Oil guy thread. It's just a larger bottle. They dont tell you these things. You got to painfully figure it out the hard way.
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Dex 6 is speced after rack replacement, due to the seals not being compatible with the original fluid. Either dex 6 or the original will work fine as long as you know the rack hasn't been replaced with a rack containing the new composition seals.
I know the TSB was never performed..., so no new seals.
If it were my vehicle, I'd have put Full Synthetic Valvoline MaxLife ATF. Hence the pain of finding OEM.
🤔 If this AutoZone Honda Power Steering Fluid has the GM # 89021184 specification, does that mean my OE Honda PS fluid will work in this GMC power steering system?

There, I made a reason to post this GMC problem in a Honda forum. Lol
He beat me to it!

Many on the Traverse forum didn't know or never got it done on their early 1st gens. If you are running the original rack you must use the original power steering fluid. If that rack fails the only racks available will use DexVI so the switch should be made at that time.

My Traverse at 100k had some really dirty PS fluid, it took me 5 suck and fills before the fluid was a color I liked.
I read that you could use Dex VI in the old ps system, so long as you completely vacate the old fluid from the system. Mixing the 2 fluids can cause seals to swell. Since it's not my vehicle I've been looking for alternatives. So far I have put in 64 oz of OE Fluid and it did not clear. I got another 32oz on the way for this afternoon.
I was just curious about using Honda fluid since I found a correlation.
Well with 3 fresh quarts ($37) of OEM ps fluid pushed through the system, with the wheels off the ground, going lock to lock on the steering wheel, I'm somewhat satisfied, even though the fluid is not sparkling clean. I think I'm going to stop there.
Now, what to do with this 10 year old Dex Cool puke in the radiator. 🤦‍♂️
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That webpage loads and I can see it for a just a few seconds before it changes to the "oops" message.
Go to AutoZone.
Look for AutoZone branded Honda Power Steering Fluid 12oz. (Part # AZ860211 SKU # 84948) It's $5.29 a bottle. In the notes it has the old GM # specd for this 2010 GMC. Their photo is terrible.
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After all the research, im pretty confident in saying that you could use AC Delco Power Steering Fluid item # 19329448 (32oz) or 19329450 (16oz) in our Honda's.
Are you going to be the guinea pig?
No, it's not better priced. Nor is the AutoZone. $5.29 for 12oz is higher than Genuine Honda.
Same thing happens even for just "".
The site loads normally and, after a few seconds, the "oops" message appears.
Haven't encountered that issue with any other websites.
This started happening a few months ago.
Switch browser to Chrome. That should solve it.
Firefox is where it's at.
Been a while since I used Firefox. I had issues back in January, until I switched to Chrome.
Not sure I'm willing to go so far as to say AC Delco power steering fluid and Honda power steering fluid are interchangeable.
Pouring it out of the bottle, I'd say it's a close cousin. The AC Delco did looked clearer, more refined.
The Traverse does not have a draincock on the radiator, you'll have to pull the lower radiator hose. Also, check the water pump for signs of weeping, they are a known failure point. Given the level of the coolant, if the overflow is at the correct level you're probably fine.
No drain is just crazy. No engine block drain either. I been putting off doung the job. Will take several distilled water dilutions to flush the old out. I got 6 gallons of distilled. Still may not be enough.
Don't you love the idiotic design where you have to remove 10 clips and that shroud to access the coolant?
Yes, and the plastic lays flat on the top bar, trapping moisture and causing it to rust.
Or that you have to remove the oil cap to remove the engine cover to get to the power steering reservoir?
I was scratching my head as to where the PS fluid was. I was looking for a torques bit to fit the screws on top of the cover until I realized they were fake, lol.
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haha he fake torx heads are excellent! At least the engine cover had some visual interest, the new Traverse has this ugly thing hiding under the hood...

View attachment 140033
I did not like where the oil filter is. It makes a mess getting old one off, and it took me 10 mins to figure out whether or not I was rotating the filter on the oil bolt. If I touched the side of the engine, I'd have to pull it out to wipe the dirt off the gasket. 😠
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Works for me. Methinks you've been blacklisted. Have you been commenting on their site? :p

Yeah, let's get Mikey to try it. :D
Still can not find a good reason to leave Genuine Honda PS fluid. Of all places like AutoZone, you'd think they would at least be 1/2 The price on their store brand.
Thought for sure that you'd be all over this stuff:

View attachment 140035
$10 a bottle. 😒
OK, you can have my t-shirt if you promise not to use it as a shop rag. :p

I like Prestone antifreeze at around $9 a gallon. I don't think I'm being cheap at $10 for 12oz.
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Yea it was really difficult the first couple times, but now that I know the angle it's at and how to move my arm I get it on in a couple seconds. My biggest complaint is the mess it makes from that location.

Honda isn't infallible in this regard, for all of the praises that can be sung of the K series engine the oil filter location is awful, just under the exhaust manifold between the firewall and the engine.

Everyone hates Hyundai, how come they can figure out how to make an oil filter that sits on top of the engine and position the oil pan drain bolt that I can do a full oil/filter change as well as transmission fluid and coolant with the vehicle on the ground on my '08 Sonata?
My 04 Civic filter is horizontal is on the firewall side of the engine. That's dumb. But I'll never complain about My V6 Honda's again, after working on this GMC. I put off the coolant drain again.
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$6.97 at Walmart.
Better. You first.
I do not like where the filter is
I do not like it Grease I is
I like Prestone antifreeze
Get some MaxLife, won’t you please
I like good viscosity
My shop rags are a curiosity
For a bargain I always Google
I’m not cheap, I’m just frugal
@plplplpl Is a poet,
And I didn't know it.
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