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Continued 2010 GMC Acadia Maintenance Fun.

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A very elderly family member failed to get TSB(SB-10056459-3388) done on a 34k mile Acadia within the 10 year limit, that switches fluid to Dextron VI. Surprisingly the power steering still works but the fluid is really black. What fluid would you use to flush it out with for now, to buy some time. What is the OEM fluid? Signed by: GM Vehicle Dumb

Added: Confirmed the original OE fluid as GM part #89021184 . Now searching for alternatives.
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  1. Water pumps are known to weep. Just keep an eye on the overflow tank.
  2. Pre 2013 models did not require full synthetic oil and had smaller oil passages for the timing chain. Some have had stretched chains. Looks like you are extremely low miles so stick with full synthetic and keep the level topped up.
  3. The PCV orifice (it's not a valve) was updated in 2013 to have a larger hole so the gases would slow down and let the solids drop out more effectively. Recommend popping the PCV off as well and drilling out the holes to prevent this from ever being a problem.
  4. The transmission has the worst tuning for anything other than acceleration from a stop. Fresh Dex VI will help but mine still slams a downshift at a roundabout if I don't get it just right.
  5. Waveplates (3-5-R) in the transmission were known failure points, I don't think it was a recall so read up on that.
Otherwise, they ride great and are huge, even compared to a Pilot. Excellent highway vehicle and excellent seat comfort for my big and tall arse. Good mileage. Happy motoring.
Is that one of the engines that has timing chain problems caused by inadequate lubrication?
I just put a set of Continental Tru contact on the Wife's Volvo. Excellent tire in dry, wet and snow
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