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So my initial plan was to get a 2008-2011 Honda Element...but since finding a decent one here (Ontario) with low mileage (under 150,000 km) is few and far between...I'm trying to keep my options open.
I've wavered from a Ford Escape to a Nissan Pathfinder...but I think I've settled on a 2009-2015 Honda Pilot. Tons of space, the rear seats fold down flat, V6, doesn't use premium fuel, no major issues to be aware of, reliable, and I love its boxy look.
  • Is there a particular year of Pilot b/w 2009-2015 that are better than others? I like the grill of the 2012-2015's better than the previous years' models...though that's a minor point. Any years have better fuel economy?
  • Is there a huge difference b/w an LX and an EX or EX-L in terms of performance? I don't really care if I get leather seats or a DVD player.
  • With the rear seats folded down, is there some sort of rubberized cargo mat that can be purchased to cover the "floor" space?

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To answer your questions:
  1. No
  2. No
  3. Yes, Honda and WeatherTech both sell one, about $150 bux.

Common issues:
  1. Brake rotor “warped” / uneven deposits. Causes shuddering when stopping
  2. Variable cylinder mgmt system can cause misfires and damage the piston rings. Get an Svcm (made in Canada) to disable it.
  3. The engine uses a timing belt. Make sure it’s replaced along with the tensioner and water pump every 7 years or 105k miles. The engine can and will be destroyed if this belt breaks... no big deal, just maintain the car properly.
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