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Cold start vibration from engine compartment - 2007 EX-L AWD

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Good day all,

We have a 2007 Pilot EX-L AWD with about 198K on the odometer. On cold mornings here in Colorado, when the vehicle starts up for the first time, there's a loud vibration-like sound coming from the engine bay that sounds almost like a loose heatshield. The best way for me to describe it is like lightly banging a thin sheet of steel. The odd thing is this sound only is audible during a cold start. Once the engine is running, we do not hear the sound, even while revving up the engine. When the engine is warm, and turned off and started back up, we don't hear the noise.

Not sure if this makes a difference, but we've owned the vehicle since it was new. We have it serviced regularly by a Honda dealership in our area. The service department at the dealership has not said anything about the noise, but we haven't asked them about it either.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide. It's greatly appreciated.

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Thanks all for the advice. I'll try to get a video posted this weekend. I'll also have a look at the cat to see if the vibration is coming from it. More to come!

Much appreciated!

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