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Clunk/tap from rear passenger suspension area - 06 Pilot EXL

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We intermittantly notice a clunk or tap noise from the rear passenger suspension area. Sort of a tap/clunk with a hint of squeak. Any suggestions on where to start the diagnosis/replacements? What has been everyones experience for the first/common suspension wear parts?

More info:
2006 Pilot EXL AWD (no VCM, 5 speed AT - don’t tell me I need a VCM Muzzler - ha ha)
260,000 miles, mostly smooth highway miles, sun-belt, no body rust
original dampers/shocks all around
It does have an adjustable aftermarket stabilizer link installed I think that allowed for proper wheel alignment

I have noticed the tap/clunk a few times while driving, but not everytime. My HS Senior (!) is the daily driver now and she noticed on 20 miles trip today. I did test drive and confirmed:

Tap not associated with braking or not braking
Tap is not rhythmic, random, 1 to 10 seconds apart
Does not make noise all the time, seems sensitive to road undulations, bumps
I did the left and right turning circle, does not sound like CV joints to me, random tap, no clicking
Tap is more noticable at lower speeds (20 MPH), but happens at 45 MPH too
I did quick visual inspection of rear suspension both sides, nothing obvious, but I need to lift it and look in more detail.

I know there are dampers, damper bushings, stabilizer bar bushings, stabilizer links, etc. What’s been the experience in the early/first wear parts? I will probably do the part swapping myself if it’s ones that don’t require an alignment after installation. The parts don’t look too expensive, especially bushings. My plan is to not sink too much money since it will be driven home/school for this year (maybe?) and probably replaced with lower mileage for college transportation.

Appreciate any experiences with early/first parts to focus on.
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The first thing that usually goes is the struts. A thorough inspection is needed. The upper control arm and lower trailing arm should be inspected.

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But before you do all that, tighten the loose screws you may have on your rear latch. It's a well-kept secret. :D

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