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Clicking noise on Honda Pilot 2019

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I see a lot of forum posts over time regarding clicking on Pilots and just having to deal with it - but this sounds quite louder than I've seen posted elsewhere. The noise appears when idling, speeds up as I throttle (even on neutral), and disappears once I hit around 1000 rpm. Thoughts if this needs a look/repair or it is what it is? Dealer insists it's normal, but it is extremely loud.

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Thank you for reporting back to possibly help others! I presume there was no extended warranty. Did you have it fixed at dealer or independent shop? If Dealer maybe you can reach out to Honda with the details. Timing belt parts should not be going bad at 42k. I would probably also file a report to NHTSA to document, possible future issues or resolutions.

What year/trim is your Pilot?
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