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Hi, I went to the Schaumburg Honda Dealership on Sat. What I found out is that you guys are a bunch of crooks and nothing else. Just greedy people. This is what happened:
I had called the dealership on Fri. inquiring about the Honda Pilot. I spoke with Ted Saras. He told me that they had some Pilot's coming end of this month and if I wanted one I would have to go down there and pay a deposit of $2000. Other dealers are charging a deposit of $500. I asked him that I wanted an EXL without any Dealer installed options. He told me that its not a problem and I could get it whichever way I wanted.
I went there Sat. morning to do the paper work. When I went over there to my surprise he pulled put a Honda Pilot Menu and told me that the way they were selling the new Pilot's was that I have to buy one option from the List 1 (which had three different Rust proofing packages) and two options from List 2(which had a bunch other options like running boards, deflectors, neon lamps etc.).
This meant that I had to pay at least $1200 in DIO if I wanted the car. I asked him that why did he not tell me about this when I had asked him on Friday. He just totally ignored that question.
This dealership is involved in a highly unethical business practices. They are nothing but a bunch of crooks.
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