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If you get a flat tire while driving, pull over to a safe place. If you're on the side of a busy highway or freeway, call for help-don't try to change the tire yourself. Elsewhere, check your owner's manual for specific tire-changing procedures. Here are some general guidelines:

Park on level ground, away from traffic.
Put the vehicle in Park, or in gear for a manual transmission.
Put on the parking brake.
Block the wheels on the far side from the flat.
Jack the vehicle up high enough to take the weight off the tire, but low enough to keep the tire from rotating.
Loosen lug nuts one-half turn.
Then, jack the vehicle at least two or three inches off the ground.
Remove lug nuts.
Pull off the flat.
Put on the spare.
Tighten each lug nut finger tight.
Lower the vehicle until the tire just touches the ground and cannot turn.
Tighten one lug nut, and then its opposite, until all are tightened.
Finish lowering the vehicle.
Have the flat fixed ASAP.

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I always wonder is it safe to small the smaller spare tire ?

As I know the spare tire size is smaller then the regular tire. So is it safe even to use it for say 30 min., in terms of how the 4x4 device will react.
Will the car think that it is in a low traction suitation and activate the 4x4 and redirect the torgue ?
Will it damage the car, as I know in case of the Volvo XC70 per 2001 model, if you use a different size spare (that comes with the car) it will damage the 4x4 bearing.

Anyone has any ideal ?

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THe spare should be the same DIAMETER as the other tires.

It does not hav ethe same load rating so I would be carefull when towing.
If you must use it, put it on the front, and move a front tire to the back.
Go EXTRA slow, and drive a short a distance as posible.
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