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Can't put into words how much I appreciate everybody here.

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I try to do my own work no matter what it is. Didn't have an option last time I posted though. Any time I have questions, I check piloteers for an answer and always get what I'm looking for. My Pilot has been through pure hell because of me, but she just keeps taking me where I need to go. I don't care what happens to this thing, I will never get rid of it. Big plans for her distant future, and I know exactly who to come to for help.
I hope the frequent posters realize just how important you are to this community. How many headaches you've cured, difficult issues you've made simple. I think I can speak on behalf of anyone that visits these forums, we are truly grateful for everything you've done, do and I'm positive will continue to do. You're outstanding people, and I (at least), really appreciate all the time you've donated to help us.
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