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Busted!!!! Chrome dood is not well received : (

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Someone removed (likely stole) the black rubber Honda cover for my OEM hitch receiver. So I ordered a really cool JDM OEM red Honda "H" trailer hitch receiver cover to replace it (plus a receiver lock too:wink:).

But while I was at it, I saw this and at $6.95 I couldn't resist:

During the day it is chrome with a very slight red glow when the brakes are applied but at night it looks like this:

and this:

I'm a dad and it doesn't seem to fit. But I like it. I think it's funny >:)

My wife and two daughters were none too pleased. ( daughters, "daddy what are people gunna think") (wife, "I'm embarrased now to drive the Pilot around").

The JDM cover is sitting in my Pilot "under floor" storage right now.

Thoughts, advice from you marriage and family experts (doods)(or just plain Pilot drivers) on the forum is much appreciated.
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Still waiting to see glow-in-the-dark truck nuts. :surprise: :grin:
Still waiting to see glow-in-the-dark truck nuts. :surprise: :grin:

Oh wait, in 'murica if you dare to dream it... Your Nutz - Lit Up Nuts

Try those to see how well-received they are, and you'll be happily granted permission to go back to your little chrome dood.
Say it ain't so!

I still say your best shot is to try installing glow-in-the-dark vehicular testicular ornamentation.

Your Nutz - Lit Up Nuts

They'll be begging you to bring back the chrome dood in no time.
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The dood is back on anchor3n1's Pilot for the next few days. So far no complaints or squeaks from anchor3n1's possee. It just seems right. Guess they can connect the dots (it's that time O year).


>:)Good for you!>:)

(Keep us updated on how long you manage to get away with this.)
Ideas gratefully appreciated!
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