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Black plastic bumper rock chip

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I took my car to the dealer today and when I came back I noticed a small rock chip in the black plastic bumper under the license plate. This one left a noticeable white chip in the trim so I plan to fix it myself. I am considering sanding the area with 1000 grit and applying some bumper coloring.

I found this kit on Amazon and it seems to be made for this situation. But given the angle of the chip, I'm afraid sanding will actually make it worse and more noticeable. Second method is just razor blading the plastic sticking out and just applying the black bumper paint without sanding which will cover the white areas. Thoughts?

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Update: After using the Amazon kit and sanding down the chip.
I'll probably buff it down to match the rest of the bumper after the paint dry.

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Consider yourself lucky the rock didn’t propel a bit higher and strike the condenser. I’d clean the area and touch up the exposed areas with matching paint. Unless you can refinish it properly, sanding will require a larger area to blend in the area.
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