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Title says it. The car started funny this morning, so I figured it was time for a battery. The OEM had 4+ years and we're going into another brutal AZ summer, so it makes sense. We haven't been driving much lately, so I figured driving around a bit for errands would charge it up enough to get me to the auto parts store for replacement, and then home to swap it in.

Instead I couldn't start the car at all after my first stop, just a lot of clicking and weirdness in the instrument panel. As luck would have it there was a local auto parts shop right across the street, so I picked up a battery there, put it in, and went on my way.

But ever since then the rear lift gate has been acting up. 3 out of 4 times it will get to the top and flounder for a second, then give the loud beep warning to get the hell out of the way because it's coming down whether I want it to or not. Then it just doesn't open on its own until the next start of the car.

They already replaced the mechanism under warranty at about 10k miles, so this is a bit disappointing. Anybody ever experienced this after a battery swap? Maybe it will settle down on its own...? We're at 4 years/42k miles now, but still have the Hondacare 8yr/120k extended warranty, which I assume would cover this.
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