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I have a 2019 pilot EX- L Navi, with 31000 km on it.
last week my wife was driving it on a cool morning about -1C, 30F.
the AWD light and Large message on the display came on.
after talking to a Honda Dealership ( not the one i purchased the Pilot from, long story) they thought that she had a jammed AWD selector button,
she shut it off to reset the AWD system and the message went away.
last night I was driving the Pilot and had the warning come back ( light was not flashing) i happend to be on the AWD torque page and noticed that the rear wheels were not active anymore,
i shut the car off and tried again about 2 minutes later the warning came back, but i noticed that the torque indications were not like they normally are,
the temperature was approx -5C
again this morning leaving for work it came on again ( -20 )
does anyone have any insight into this or have experienced the same on a 2019, i saw the posts for the 2016,

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