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Audio System Problem

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I have a 2016 Pilot Touring that is giving me a perplexing problem. After having the audio system turned on for a few minutes (regardless of whether the car engine is on or off), I start hearing static noise - faintly at first, then it builds louder and louder until it overcomes whatever I was listening to. It happens whether I am listing to radio, iPod, Bluetooth, or phone. Doesn't matter whether I am listening to music, podcast, or audiobook. The static is in front and rear, left and right. It gets so loud that finally there is no way to hear anything else.
Now here's the weirdest part: The only thing NOT affected is the navigation system "voice" - so if I'm going somewhere using the navigation GPS system, the voice that comes on to tell me to turn or go straight is not affected by the static - I can hear "her" voice perfectly fine coming through the "center channel" speaker.
I have tried turning off the A/C, but doesn't affect the static problem.
But why is the Nav system the only thing not having the problem? I am wondering if the Nav system has a different amplifier.
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I have a 2016 Honda Pilot Elite and same problems as described above. I took it to the dealer and they ran diagnostics and said there is nothing wrong. Took it back and showed them the exact problem. They also said the fan wasn’t working and needed a new head unit for 4K. I went online and found a new head unit for 800 dollars and installed it myself. After 20 minutes the same problem persisted. At this point the only thing I can think of is wiring problem or fuse problem. Honda at this point has absolutely no idea what’s wrong with it.
We had this exact issue in our 2016. Turns out the fan in the HU was faulty and caused the HU to over heat. We had it replaced under warranty. The tech discovered that when air was blown through the back of the HU it stopped which lead him to look into the fan. We’ve had the replacement for almost a year and the issue has not returned.
Im glad that it worked for you. I got a new HU and the same exact problem occurred. I worked through that the only thing it could be is the amp which is only on touring and elite models. I just ordered a new one. I’ll let everyone know how it goes after install.
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